My hope for you…

If you’ve stumbled here from some unknown place and wonder what I could possibly want for you, well it’s simple really – I want you to want to live. I know what it’s like to want to die and feel like you’re in the worst place possible and there could be no way that anyone feels as low as you. I did, and I promise you it won’t last and that if it does you can get help and get better. I promise you that you will be missed, and the tragedy that will follow should you chose to end your life in a moment of weakness will cause greater pain than you can even know. My hope for you is that you understand the precious gift that life is and how sometimes we just can’t be certain how long it will last for us. I want you to smile at strangers through the discomfort and soon capture the smiles you receive back. I hope you see how amazing this life really is, even in the sad and scary times we can all face – because I have witnessed too many miracles to ever believe in anything less than magic.

My hope for you is that you wake up each day and know that even if today isn’t great, tomorrow can be better. We can make it great, or we can make it miserable. I want you to try an experiment for me and report back if it worked. No matter how miserable you are and the people around you are, be pleasant. Smile, put on something that makes you happy and if you don’t have something nice to wear – go get one complete beautiful outfit that makes you feel like you own that shit. Man or woman, you need to own what you wear like you were walking the runway, don’t give me the excuse that you are too big or you are waiting to lose weight to get something new. Pshhhaw, I shop almost daily and I can tell you, there are great things in all sizes and all price ranges. I want you to buy yourself flowers or a cute house plant. Don’t tell me “I always kill them” because we all do, remember to water it. Take your vitamins and make yourself worth the trouble. Say yes to plans that scare you, say no to plans that bore you and throw a party, big or small in honour of whatever you feel like. (It’s okay if you are the only guest) Put on some music, dance, sing at the top of your lungs, have a fancy drink (it doesn’t have to have booze to be fancy) and celebrate your life. Why? Because someone is dying to have that opportunity and regretting that they didn’t live for fear of dying or being laughed at.

My hope for you is that you share the crush you had or have and know that it’s okay if the sentiment isn’t returned. That you love with a whole heart, forgive and really mean it and say sorry when you should without making excuses. I hope for you to know the uniqueness of who you really are and that it’s okay to be you. Straight, gay, transgender, bi – you are all fabulous. My hope for you is that if you haven’t figured it out, that’s okay. You don’t have to until you are ready.

My hope for you is that you can find the peace within you to continue on when it feels like the road is too long. My hope for you is that despite wanting to roll your eyes at the girl begging you to keep it positive, a part of that quote she posts or that advice on how to live fully gets to you. I want you to live because I’ve known so many people who cried at the end and told me they wished they could go back and do it again, they’d work less and love more. They’d spend more time with their children and cherished their parents while they were still here.

My hope for you is that you ask your parents the questions you want to know now before they are gone. And if it is, that you ask the relatives you do have, and those will be some of the most amazing history lessons you will ever learn. I want you to support the postal service by writing a real letter and sending it with a stamp – because Lord knows the beauty of a handwritten note is just too damn gorgeous to let it die.

My hope for you is that on the nights when you cry yourself to sleep because you just don’t know what you want to be or why he/she doesn’t love you, or why you didn’t get the job – that you understand something much greater is out there for you. My hope for you is that you write down these times and save them in a journal to look back on and realize just how strong you are.

My hope for you is that you understand I’ve been there too, and I’ve rolled my eyes and shunned the journalling and the advice. “Easy for you to say!” I’d tisk as I rolled into the self-help section of Chapters looking for that one book with THE answer that would help me. My hope for you is that despite your hurt you’ll really take a peek of what I have to offer, big fat honesty wrapped up in some flakey fun posts about the things that make me tick. Comment, interact with me, join me on FB or Twitter. I am a social butterfly of the webs and I want you to know I care.

My hope for you is that you take a big bite of something you love to eat and you savour the flavours that roll over tongue and spark that memory from childhood that makes you feel comfort. That familiar tang of the lemon meringue pie your grandmother would whip up on a sunny Spring afternoon, or the warm familiar smell of bread baking in the oven. I want you to have an appetite for living and to taste things like it was the first time all over again.

My hope for you is that you take the photos with your children/friends/boyfriend/girlfriend/cousin whether you feel fat or not. And I want you to post them on FB and not worry that someone is going to judge you because look around – we’ve all got our faults. My hope for you is that you don’t avoid the camera so long you have no memories captured during big moments of your life. My hope for you is that you want to help someone who can do nothing for you in return.

My hope for you is that you don’t let some jerk with stupid comment stop you from living. I want you to take the criticism and make it yours to build a better foundation with. My hope for you is that you love yourself enough to call the haters liars and laugh with ease. My hope for you is that you understand the deep insecurity they feel as they shout out “Freak!” and hide in their shame of what lies beneath the mask they wear. My hope for you is that if you ever did this to someone else that you apologize, it’s never too late.

But my biggest hope for you? Well that’s something I think you know deep down. I want you to choose life, to LIVE every single second of this crazy beautiful world because that’s what you’ve got and we have to make it count in whatever way we can. Dance, laugh, sing, be brave and be YOU. Be so damn fabulous and shine so bright no one can dim your light. PLEASE trust me when I say, it all gets better and the darkest times are the lessons before the blessings.