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A Podcast For Aspiring Writers

The Literary Speaking podcast connects you with the publishing industry by featuring conversations with best selling authors, agents, publishers and publicity firms.

As a passionate author and Magical Book Coach, I seek to connect writers with their stories guiding them with the tools they need to make their book publishing dreams come true.

As an aspiring writer myself, I spent years attending writing webinars, workshops and conferences. I listened to dozens of podcasts on writing and still felt like I wasn’t getting the information I craved.

Like, how many rejections should I expect when I send out my query letter? Did the author submit a proposal?

Are MFA’s in Creative writing necessary to write a great book or better yet, get the elusive 6 figure book deal? And is the elusive 6 figure book deal really a good thing?

I knew I wasn’t alone in my quest to find out how the publishing industry works and thus, Literary Speaking was born.

Every week I get to chat with best-selling authors, agents and publishers and we usually have a book or two to give away to our loyal listeners who sign up for the newsletter & comment/share posts frequently on our Facebook page and Twitter account.

**Please note we have switched to a pre-recorded format. Shows will still be released on a weekly basis.


Latest Episodes…

The Successful Freelancer with Edie Weinstein

The Successful Freelancer with Edie Weinstein and Crystal-Lee Quibell discuss how to build a long-term career as a successful freelancer; interviewing the Dali Lama, how to submit articles to popular online magazines and what Edie’s learned from publishing her...

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Mothers, Monsters & Memoir with Beth Schulman

Beth Schulman and host, Crystal-lee Quibell discuss Mothers, Monsters & Memoir, writing about childhood trauma, coming to a place of empathy for those that have hurt us, and the power of sharing your story with the world. Beth Schulman McGonagle is a teacher and...

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J.D. Salinger & Me with Joanna Rakoff

J.D. Salinger & Me with Joanna Rakoff discusses what it was like to work for the infamous literary agency, sharing how she answered fan mail for J.D. Salinger and, how working in a literary agency can help develop your career as an author. You can listen to the...

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Inside The Publishing Mind with Bill Gladstone

Get a look Inside the Publishing Mind with founder of one of the largest literary agencies in North America, Bill Gladstone. Bill discusses what makes a book a best-seller, what your publisher expects from it’s authors and whether or not the six figure book deal is really a good thing for your long-term career as an author.

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The Risks & Rewards Of Memoir with Meredith Maran

Columnist and Author Meredith Maran discusses why we write about ourselves. She shares how she gathered the wisdom and advice of 20 memoirists for her latest book. Tips on how to keep writing when you want to quit as well as the risks and rewards of memoir.  Why...

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Love vs Faith with Brad Harper

Author, Theologian & Speaker Brad Harper discuss Love vs. Faith, how he learned to love his gay son unconditionally and how that love both challenged and expanded his faith as a teacher and father. Brad co-authored the book, Space At The Table, inviting people to...

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Kickstarting Your Memoir with Drew Harper

Drew Harper & Crystal-Lee Quibell discuss Kickstarting Your Memoir, how he crowd-funded his co-authored book Space At The Table. Drew Stafford Harper is a freelance journalist and actor who splits his time between Portland, New York, and Cairo. Space at the Table:...

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