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A Podcast For Aspiring Writers

The Literary Speaking podcast connects you with the publishing industry by featuring conversations with best selling authors, agents, publishers and publicity firms.

As a passionate author and Magical Book Coach, I seek to connect writers with their stories guiding them with the tools they need to make their book publishing dreams come true.

As an aspiring writer myself, I spent years attending writing webinars, workshops and conferences. I listened to dozens of podcasts on writing and still felt like I wasn’t getting the information I craved.

Like, how many rejections should I expect when I send out my query letter? Did the author submit a proposal?

Are MFA’s in Creative writing necessary to write a great book or better yet, get the elusive 6 figure book deal? And is the elusive 6 figure book deal really a good thing?

I knew I wasn’t alone in my quest to find out how the publishing industry works and thus, Literary Speaking was born.

Every week I get to chat with best-selling authors, agents and publishers and we usually have a book or two to give away to our loyal listeners who sign up for the newsletter & comment/share posts frequently on our Facebook page and Twitter account.

**Please note we have switched to a pre-recorded format. Shows will still be released on a weekly basis.


Latest Episodes…

Rock Your Book Tour with Tabitha Blankenbiller

Hosting your own book tour with author Tabitha Blankenbiller discusses the unique ways in which you can connect with book stores, local businesses and publications to promote your book. Tabitha toured with her debut memoir, Eats of Eden to rave reviews. Here she'll...

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Perseverance in Publishing with Caroline Leavitt

Best-selling Author Caroline Leavitt discusses her latest best-selling book, Cruel Beautiful World as well as her journey through writing and publishing over 9 novels. We'll discuss topics such as, how do you know your literary agent is a match? Should you hire a...

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French Food & Memoir: Writing a Foodoir with Elizabeth Bard

French Food & Memoir with Elizabeth Bard and Crystal-Lee Quibell discuss the delicious details of a writer’s life in France, writing about world travel, food and falling in love. Learn how to write a food memoir by interweaving recipes with personal stories....

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Green-light Your Book with Brooke Warner

Green-light Your Book with Brooke Warner and Crystal-Lee Quibell discusses how to navigate the publishing world as an indie author. How should you promote your work? Learn how to succeed in the new era of book publishing without breaking the bank. Brooke Warner is the...

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Navigating Book Auctions: An Author’s Bidding War Experience

Navigating Book Auctions, Katy Simpson Smith and Crystal-Lee Quibell discuss Katy’s experience as a best-selling author going into a book auction, how to navigate the negotiation process and what to expect when more than one publisher is interested in your work. Katy...

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The Ten Year Novel: An Immersion of Fiction with Sari Wilson

The Ten Year Novel with Sari Wilson and Crystal-Lee Quibell discuss how Sari’s debut novel Girl Through Glass took ten years to write, how she incorporated a new character years later to create the perfect story and what she’s learned about writing fiction. Sari...

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