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A Podcast For Aspiring Writers

The Literary Speaking podcast connects you with the publishing industry by featuring conversations with best selling authors, agents, publishers and publicity firms.

As a passionate author and Magical Book Coach, I seek to connect writers with their stories guiding them with the tools they need to make their book publishing dreams come true.

As an aspiring writer myself, I spent years attending writing webinars, workshops and conferences. I listened to dozens of podcasts on writing and still felt like I wasn’t getting the information I craved.

Like, how many rejections should I expect when I send out my query letter? Did the author submit a proposal?

Are MFA’s in Creative writing necessary to write a great book or better yet, get the elusive 6 figure book deal? And is the elusive 6 figure book deal really a good thing?

I knew I wasn’t alone in my quest to find out how the publishing industry works and thus, Literary Speaking was born.

Every week I get to chat with best-selling authors, agents and publishers and we usually have a book or two to give away to our loyal listeners who sign up for the newsletter & comment/share posts frequently on our Facebook page and Twitter account.

**Please note we have switched to a pre-recorded format. Shows will still be released on a weekly basis.


Latest Episodes…

Ask a Book Publicist with Cameron Dezen Hammon

Book publicist and author Cameron Dezen Hammon discusses the work of a book publicist, which social media avenues to explore and which ones not to waste money on. She also shares the value of Bookstagrammers and what it's like working with a book publicist to market...

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On Being Human & A Writer…with Jen Pastiloff

  We're only human and we all struggle to quiet the IA - our inner asshole - as Jen Pastiloff coined it. In this episode Jen shares how her agent found her, what it's like building a large social platform and using a street team based on community sharing to...

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The Weekend Book Proposal with Kirsten Ott Palladino

Kirsten Ott Palladino, co-founder of Equally the digital leader for gay, lesbian, transgender, queer and bisexual weddings, penned the perfect book proposal in just one weekend! Listen in as she shares her experience writing a book proposal in 48 hours, which...

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Poetic Memoir with Nastashia Minto

Nastashia Minto author and poet of the memoir NAKED: The rhythm and groove of it. The length and depth to it. discusses how she published her work, set up readings and marketed her memoir. Nastashia Minto is an African American woman who was born in South Georgia and...

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Writing & Promoting Your Memoir with Nicole Chung

Nicole Chung discusses life as an editor in chief for Catapult Magazine and writing her memoir All You Can Ever Know. She shares how long it took to write the proposal and the book as well as navigating book tours, writing about adoption as a transracial adoptee....

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Ask an Agent with Eric Smith of P.S. Literary Agency

Book Agent Eric Smith of P.S. Literary discusses life as a Literary Agent and MFA Professor. What platform really means to book agents, queries that grab his attention, a typical day in the life of a literary agent and forthcoming works by his clients. Eric Smith is a...

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From Novel to Netflix with Yangsze Choo

Yangsze Choo discusses how she wrote her second book, The Night Tiger after the success of her first novel, The Ghost Bride. What did it take to get back into writing and how different was the publishing process the second time around? She'll share how to navigate...

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The Unconventional Memoir with Reema Zaman

  Award-winning author Reema Zaman shares her experience writing, pitching and publishing her memoir, I Am Yours. I Am Yours is the first English-language memoir written by a Bangladeshi woman that explores the intersection of personal and political with such...

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