My Story

When I began:

When I began writing my first book I made some costly mistakes, ones that could have been avoided if I had been informed and inspired.

Although I listened to a variety of podcasts and attended more paid webinars than I care to admit, I still felt lost.

I continued to sign up for writing retreats while wracking up costly bills for editing because I had lost faith in my own gift. I thought I needed to be involved in every aspect of the writing community in order to succeed.

What I should have been doing is writing my book and practicing building confidence in my craft.

I had little faith in myself because I believed I had to invest in all of these programs, podcasts, and writing groups that gave very little but charged a small fortune.

Here’s What I Learned:

Over time you develop a sacred and magical practice with yourself and your words. You begin to evolve as a writer and that’s exciting! I love writing and for me it’s extension of my being, but it’s even better when you can share your words and get feedback from a coven of supportive and reciprocal writers.

Writing  is a way to express what I can’t necessarily say out loud. It gives me the time and space to articulate my thoughts in a way that I just can’t seem to do in a large group of people. I hate being interrupted, and often, I will shut down and just stop speaking at events. I felt unheard for a large portion of my life, and writing allowed me to finally feel heard, uninterrupted, uninhibited by social cues or faux pas.


I’m Crystal-lee – I’m a Published Author, champion of the written word and Podcast Host of Literary Speaking – The Writer’s Guide to Publishing.

My passion is connecting aspiring writers with industry professionals like best-selling authors, publishers and literary agents. Why? Because it’s a lonely writer world out there but it doesn’t have to be. Every week on Literary Speaking, I interview the best of the best to bring inspiration and information to the writing masses.

A passionate writer, radio host and book coach, I love connecting writers with their stories guiding them with the tools they need to make their book publishing dreams come true.